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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

'Over the sea' - Steven Van Broeckhoven in a film by Andraz Zan

One of the world's best freestyle windsurfers and former world champion Steven van Broeckhoven (JP/Neilpryde) is showing his skills at a new spot in Brazil. The action is captured by the artistic eye of Andraz Zan (F2) who himself is a passionate and successful freestyler on the European and the World tour. The result shall be a movie that shows not only Steven's style but also all the atmosphere that you experience at a new place, being the only one on the water and feeling the excitement and freedom of travelling. The first trailer of 'Over the Sea' has been released today. We caught up with the filmer and editor to get some insights about the project and Steven's level in the period of winter training.


EFPT: What was the idea behind the video and who funded/supported it?

Andraz: The idea was to capture everything: a new place with a good atmosphere, different sailing conditions and of course the skills of Steven. His level is rising with his motivation and he asked me to produce a new video with him, yet a bit of different one. Steven's sponsor 'Bandex' thought straight away that we had a good plan, that we would start a great project and therefor supported it from the start. Yet we are still keeping positive and hope that some other brands might like the project as well and step in as a sponsor.


EFPT: You mentioned to the EFPT Press Officer that there will be some more parts coming up. Can you give us a little preview?

Andraz: Yes, there will be three parts of the video. As we made three really amazing trips to three different places, I wanted to show them each in an own clip. For more you will have to wait and find out in the videos. ;-)


EFPT: After spending some time with Steven in Brazil and capturing his level of sailing, what is the verdict for this season?

Andraz: Hehe! I spent quite a lot of time in the past years with him, so I am kind of 'used to' his level already. Sometimes though he still impresses me a bit too much almost. I realized that especially when I was editing the video and saw that it will be hard work for everyone to beat him in the upcoming season.



EFPT: You are now involved in a lot of productions (photography, filming) for both water and snow sports. Do you still find time to train and will we see you on tour in 2013?

Andraz: I took off from windsurfing this winter. After so many years I needed a little longer break to get the motivation back which I had before. I have to say this plan is working well so far. Otherwise I'm training and preparing a bit differently than before. For sure I will be on tour in 2013! See you soon!!!



EFPT: We are looking forward big time to the other parts of the travel story and to see you back on the European tour this year. Thanks for the words!



Over The Sea - Trailer from Andraž Žan on Vimeo.


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