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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

Announcement: EFPT Sailor and EFPT rookie of the year

After a jury consisting of the EFPT team and judges chose nine riders for the EFPT sailor of the year award, under the consideration of our supporting industry partners, the public had the possibility to vote on the European Freestyle Pro Tour's Facebook page by clicking the 'like' or 'share' button. Within the entire competition the riders collected over 1.200 likes and more than 250 shares and raised the attention of  the tour, the riders and last but not least the freestyle discipline.

The nominees came out of different European countries and our winner Adam Sims (Sailloft) deserved the title for being not only a competitor on the whole tour but also one of the organisers of the final tour stop in the UK which got a lot of approval from all the riders and the industry.

Our EFPT rookie of the year, 17 year old Rick Jendrusch (F2) managed to pull off a sick performance in the two EFPT events in France and England to end up 6th in the overall ranking in 2012! The young talent from the Netherlands was the perfect pick for this title and we hope we will see Rick on the whole tour next year.

For now we put some questions together to find out more about the two sailors.

Adam and Rick, please tell us:

…what do you think about becoming EFPT sailor of the year, EFPT rookie of the year respectively? 

Adam: Well first off I'm completely stoked. It's really not something I expected this year and it's great to see all the support out there not just from the windsurfing industry but so many people outside the sport. To be honest I was up against some pretty good guys and I think everyone who was nominated really deserved to also be the sailor of the year, some are incredible windsurfer, some promote the sport well and others have a great combination of the two. There is a real good vibe on the EFPT at the moment and it was really great to be involved in it as a competitor and an event organiser for 2012. I really hope the same and more can be achieved for 2013 and really the EFPT have done a great job this year in bringing it back in to the public eye.

Rick: I’m super happy with that, I really don’t expect it! For me It was a really good year in the EFPT. It also was my first year so in could be better! This year I goanna competed al the events of the tour and hope to get even a better result!

… three words that describe your year 2012: 

Adam: Unexpected, full power

Rick: Windsurfing, Fun, Friends

… which decision you don't regret: 

Adam: Signing up to my sponsors Patrik Diethelm, Sailloft and doing the full EFPT.

Rick: I don’t really know a answer on this one but I think one is that I still make some time for my friends, sometimes let go a session to do this because I cannot live without them. They are also a part of my windsurf dream!

… the soundtrack of your life: 

Adam: The soundtracks keep on getting better! At the moment I could always listen to Rise Against or Against Me to get fired up for a session. It's either that or some outrageous dub step mix.

…your golden rule: 

Rick: Don’t dream your life, but live your dreams. In this new school times we also say YOLO! (editor's note: you only live once!)

… which sport/profession you would be in if you wouldn't be a windsurfer? 

Adam: Surfing! I need to be in board-shorts.

Rick: That’s a really hard one! I really don’t know what I would do if I didn't windsurf! But I know for sure that it would be another extreme sport like skiing.

… about the best experience/memory you have: 

Adam: Currently living it.

Rick: When I got my second youth world title in the category under 20! I won this one on my home spot and that was so amazing and also a pretty hard fight! I will never forget that feeling!

… what will never change: 

Adam:  Probably the visits to the hospital… and heading to Fuerteventura in the summer months…

Rick: How I am! I will always be myself and I will always keep on surfing!

…what is the most important thing in life: 

Adam: Pizza, cheese, ice cream. Or doing what makes you happy...

Rick: For me there not only one thing but a few: fun, friends / love / family and sport!

… what will be different in 2013: 

Adam: For freestyle windsurfing, probably a progression in more combo moves and other ways to get even higher off flat water! For me, trying to go faster into moves to get the combos dialed. I had some pretty good success at points this year but nothing really consistent. So hopefully some training in Tarifa in February will sort that out...

Rick: I will train a bit different than last year. I did all the events in 2012 and know how everything works now and therefor I know what I have to do. I will also travel more to train better and get a higher score on the list!

Thank you guys! We wish you good luck and much success in 2013! See you on the water!


(Pic: Rick training in Brazil this winter) 

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