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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

A look behind the scenes of the finale of the EFPT tour

King of the Wind

Some people might think that either attending an international event or organising one might be enough work. Adam Sims, Sailloft rider from the UK, managed to do both and what's more amazing: he competed on the whole European tour this year and having received the green light from the main sponsor at the end of August 2012 he only had two months time to set it all up. Afterall the Centaur King of the Wind event was a great success and the feedback from riders, the media and the industry was extremely positive. We caught up with Adam to find out how he experienced it all from his point of view. 

EFPT: Adam your name appears everywhere on Facebook at the moment with people complementing you for the first ever EFPT event in the UK. Looking back now on the event, how satisfied are you with it?

Adam Sims: Yeh that's kind of cool but it was by no means just my effort. To set-up something that works like this took the help of Sam Burnett as well, he was a huge benefit to the event and I think we both enjoyed working together, we drew a lot of motivation off one another and hope to have set-up something that lasts. I guess time will tell.

In terms of satisfaction, yeh I'm really happy with what we achieved in just two months but still the critic in me knows what needs to be worked on in order that next year can happen.


EFPT: What was the hardest part concerning organization and running it?

Adam Sims: I think setting up that damn marquee. The rest was easy enough just time and commitment. I just wanted to pull together everything that was cool about other events into our event. It's a shame the budget was limited to what it was as I would have liked to have done a lot more...



EFPT: You have been an EFPT competitor on the whole tour and you organized the event. For most of the people one of these two things would have probably been enough. How did you manage all of this?

Adam Sims: Haha, I think I learnt that the two most important things to make something like this happen are having a mobile phone and an internet connection. The rest was just making sure I had enough time in the day to achieve what needed to be achieved. Fortunately I was part of a good team and a lot of people were behind the event and offered their support to pull it together so really they are the ones to thank and I wish I could find a way to thank them all properly!


EFPT: What was the best moment at the event?

Adam Sims: Standing on my Patrik 90, holding my 4.0 Sailoft Quad and being towed behind the jet-ski at 40 knots with two spot lights on me in front of a crowd of around 15,000 spectators! Well the egotistical side of me loved that part at least. Aside from that I think just seeing a lot of my friends enjoying the whole event, having good nights out, actually I almost forgot that I was organising it at times which were perhaps the best moments.



EFPT: What did this event teach you?

Adam Sims: I think what Davy Scheffers said in his speech when he was on the podium, right after being announced as the 2012 European Freestyle Champion - 'What I reached today shows me that you can get everything you dream of as long as you keep going for it and work hard'. All I would add is if it is what you want to do, then why wait for someone else to do it, no time like the present right. 



EFPT: What are your future plans considering the King of the Wind event?

Adam Sims: To secure a long term big sponsor would be ideal. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that want to be a part of it, we just need to find the right people. In terms of the event site itself, it would be cool to expand the number of disciplines, to make the night tow-in show much more spectacular and attract more public spectators and competitors. Then to grow it beyond what it is now and more into a public display, we had it on radio and in the press a lot this year but given the fact that we had just two months kind of restricted it a bit. I hope it will hit TV screens next year.



EFPT: Any last things to say?

Adam Sims: Obviously a huge thanks to everyone that got involved in any way, shape or form. Then as well to the sponsors who helped the first one to get off the ground, they were a massive help and I hope they will continue to support us next year.

See you next year.

Pics by Jay Hasey, Globalshots

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