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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

Night tow in - King of the Wind

Bonfire night, a massive firework display, a spectacular tow in show with the pros and an Austrian champion.

5.00pm the skippers meeting at the town beach of Weymouth was scheduled. The riders transport was arranged and at the spot right in front of the big promenade sponsor flags were hoisted and a few clothing brands put some nice stuff for the upcoming winter season on display, some also knowing how to attract the masses (and the riders) by letting two pretty girls provide cupcakes and waffles. 

After a few test runs the shore started to fill up with more and more people, eager to watch the action on the water. Colin Dixon was on the mic and his commentary was heard along the whole beach and throughout the town as we had a connection to the city's sound system. 

A follow up spotlight was arranged as well as high class flood lighting. The fleet of riders competing for 500€ prize money was as follows: Adam Sims (Sailloft), Phil Richards and Andy Bubble Chambers (JP/Neilpryde) from the UK, Max Matissek from Austria, Jeremy Plüss and Christian Birri from Switzerland, Davy Scheffers, Tim Ruyssenaars and Rick Jendrusch (F2) from Holland, Julien Mas from France, Adam Gavriel from Israel and Dieter Van der Eyken (Starboard) from Belgium. 

Every rider had two runs of which the better one would count. After an hour of competition with many spectators the result for the top 3 was as follows:

1st Max Matissek (Fanatic) from Austria with a sick air funnel into funnel diablo

2nd Andy Chambers (JP/Neilpryde) from the UK with a clean culo

3rd Julien Mas from France with an air funnel into funnel 

The result was clear with all judges having the same decision here. 

We'd like to congratulate the winners and compliment all the riders who got involved! You put on a really amazing show which didn't go unnoticed as members of the council were also on the beach, fully enthusiastic about the tow in session and the King of the Wind event. We are going to be in the local newspaper tomorrow morning and they want to get a five year plan of the potential future development of this event! Well done to everyone, freestyle windsurfing is coming back to where it belongs: the spotlight of the scene, media and public!


More pics coming soon! All shots by Jay Hasey (Globalshots) 



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