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Fresh Faces: Michi Krumm

In order to introduce you new talents coming from European countries, whether they are located at the sea or not, the EFPT started the Fresh Faces category a while ago. The young rider we would like to present you this time is Michael Krumm from Germany. He told us about his addiction to freestyle windsurfing, about sailors he looks up to and about Sigri, where the next EFPT stop will be staged from the 10th to the 12th of August. 

EFPT: Michael can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My Name is Michi Krumm, I am 21 years old and I live in Nürnberg, located in the south of Germany where I also go to university for one and a half years now. Unfortunately it is not the best place in the world for windsurfing, that I started at the age of ten years on Mauritius. The first years I could only surf some weeks in my summer holidays. 


Starting in 2006/2007 I had the chance to go on the water more often and therefor bought my own stuff. 2009 I got my driving license and from that moment on I sailed almost every windy day at my homespot, a lake that is called 'Brombachsee'. This was also the time when I started with freestyle windsurfing. My sponsors now are: F2, Gaastra and the 'Sigri Surf Center'.

EFPT: Why freestyle windsurfing?

I do freestyle windsurfing because I like the feeling of sliding rotations and rotations in the air. I absolutely love the feeling when I stick a new move after crashing loads of tries for a long time. Furthermore it is a discipline that I can also do at my homespot. 

EFPT: We know you trained quite a bit in Sigri in the last season! What is so special about Sigri and how did you improve there?

Last year we wanted to try out a new spot, because the two last summers we stayed on Fuerteventura. A friend of mine told us about a new spot on Lesvos called Sigri. We informed us about the spot and figured: 'Let's try it, that looks sick!'

Arriving on Lesvos we knew that our decision was pretty good. We could surf almost every day in three weeks. The spot has a lot of different conditions from perfectly flat water up to 2-3m waves. The best thing was that there were so few people on the water. 

The most days I could sail on 4,8m, that is my favorite size. Therefor I learned a lot of new moves like the funnel, switch kono, shaka, puneta and cana brava. I also learned how to do the moves consistantly. At no other spot I improved that much in the same time.

Sigri itself is a small village where people live like 100 years ago in Greece. There are only a few tourists. That's also really nice!


EFPT: What are your role models in windsurfing/ Who do you look up to? And who do you enjoy sailing with?

I look up to Steven van Broeckhoven (JP/Neilpryde) because he is from Belgium and won against all the guys from world famous windsurfing spots like Bonaire or El Yaque. I find that he has the most powerful style. 

Tilo Eber (JP/Neilpryde) form Germany is also one of my role models. Some years ago his homespot was the 'Brombachsee' too and now he is a professional windsurfer. This is pretty sick!

I enjoy sailing with all my friends at my homespot. There are always the same cool guys on the water and at the moment we have a lot of young windsurfers who pick up freestyle. 

EFPT: What are your aims for this season?

I want to compete in some more events. In August I will participate in the EFPT event in Sigri and I will have one more contest at home, the German-Freestyle-Battle. I would also like to take part at the 'Shaka Bump and Jump' event at Lake Garda, Italy but I don´t know if I will have enough time in July, because I will be very busy for university. At the end of september I will start a two weeks trip to Sardinia or Corsica.

There will also be a sponsor change for my sails during this season, but I don't want to give away too much yet.

EFPT: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In five years I am hopefully done with university and I will definitively live at the sea then! :-)

EFPT: What are your big goals in freestyle windsurfing?

My big goals are to learn as many moves as possible. And maybe to win a competition, but that is far away at the moment. 

EFPT: Thank you Michi for the words and we wish you a loads of fun on the water- no matter if you are competing or free-sailing. Keep it up!

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