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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

Team North/Fanatic in Brazil

Take one of the most influential freestylers ever, a talent from the UK, add a strong personality of this sport to it, film them on one of the best spots worldwide and let Josh Willmot (Blacklab) make an edit. What you get is low-budget but high quality video clip with almost 10.000 hits within a week. Not only Gollitos most ridiculous combinations and Maxs impressive new power moves drew the attention of windsurfers from the trailer to the final-production, but also the appearance of two times european champion André Paskowski. 

After fighting against cancer for the last years, André went on a longer windsurfing trip to Jeri, Brazil where he still shows an amazing level of sailing. We talked to him about Gollito & Max, his plans for 2012 and how windsurfing gives him new motivation to endure therapy.

EFPT: After the production of 'Minds Wide Open", where you have been more behind than in front of the camera, the windsurfing world is now looking out to a clip starring André Paskowski (a.o.). How does it feel to be back on the water and in front of the lens?

André: I did not even now that I was getting filmed, so I was surprised about the video. It feels good though and it is a good motivation for me to see myself sailing. I had a lot of operations accompanied by chemo therapy and nobody would be surprised if I wouldn't be able to do any kind of sport anymore. To see myself fit though, gives me more power for future treatments. It's also nice from Max to include me.

EFPT: After health issues, you suffered from in the last two years, you seized the chance this winter to train again with your team-mates Gollito Estredo (V) and Max Rowe (UK). What can we expect from these two riders in the upcoming season?

André: I think Max is enjoying the fact that he can focus most of the winter period for training. It is a tough competition with an extremely high level. He is European, that means he is a little more prepared, a little more organized and a little less emotional, which is good. I see him as a contender for a Top 7 – 10 place depending on draw, conditions and luck.

With Gollito it is easy. He is by far the most talented rider out there. He picks up moves so quickly and performs them straight away with style. Unfortunately he had bad conditions for training last winter and now he injured himself in Brazil. That means, that again he has no real preparation for the upcoming season. Still, what I have seen in Brazil – I've never seen before.

EFPT: Followers of you could recently see that North/Fanatic signed you again for this year. The contract considers you as an international team rider with strong global impact, which people all over the world would probably confirm without any doubts. What will you focus on in 2012? 

André:You know some insights! (editors note: André smiles) My focus is to get healthy. Besides I will try to help my sponsors as good as I can. We have still lots to achieve. I would like to promote windsurfing and our team-riders with some quality. 

EFPT: If you could say something to all the young freestyle windsurfers all over the world, as a rider and as a private person, respectively - what would it be?

André: Enjoy your time on the water!!!

EFPT: Nothing to add here…except: anyone who didn't see the clip so far: take your time and watch it!!!

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