Rick at his homespot (pic by Sport in Beeld)

‘Summer Routine’ – Rick Jendrusch (F2)

Rick Jendrusch (F2) the young Dutch rider just sent us his latest clip. We took the chance to ask him to tell us some more about his 'Summer Routine' and asked him about his thoughts about the final EFPT event in France. About the clip: 'For me it is a normal day in Holland: I go to work and then it’s windy!!! In that case I normally don't work that good and my lovely colleagues say 'Rick ok it's better you go surfing for one hour and come back afterwards!' So for me that's a normal day at one of the best spots in the world in my eyes! I really love the sessions there and also I have the best sessions at my home spot. It was filmed all in one day at Brouwersdam. Nico Hauske, a german v...

The comeback of Gabriele ‘Varrux’ Varrucciu

When Gabriele Varrucciu (Naish/Naish) entered the European Freestyle Pro Tour for the last time in 2011, the season was struck by the economy crisis and a lack of wind on the few events there were. After being off tour for several years the Naish ri...
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Official EFE trailer – the EFPT final in Six Fours les Plages

The big European Freestyle Pro Tour final is coming up from the 30th of October until the 2nd of November in Six Fours les Plages, France. The pre-registration list is already full with big names like Amado Vrieswijk (Starboard) from Bonaire, Steven ...
Official EFE poster 2014

The EFPT final 2014 – the EFE upgrades to 10.000€ prize-money

For the second time in a row Six Fours les Plages will be the place where the final of the European Freestyle Pro Tour is going to happen. The organization on site, under the head organizer Fred Bosson, has been a loyal partner of the tour for the pa...

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