EFPT at the Surf Worldcup – Registration

The EFPT at the Surf Worldcup in Austria is one of the biggest contest of the European Tour since it's beginning and has been awaited by the organization, the crew of the tour and the riders since the announcement in January. With the fleet being limited down to 32 top European riders and the pre-registrations exceeding this number by far, the sailors who made it into the fleet seem to be super stoked about it. Since the Surf Worldcup is the first international freestyle event this season, the atmosphere on the beach and between the EFPT riders seems to be very relaxed and friendly with many of the pros reuniting after coming from thei...

The 32 riders of Podersdorf

View a gallery of the 32 registered riders of the Surf Worldcup here in Podersdorf. Registration will be on from 6-8pm tonight!   [nggallery id=3]...

32 Riders at Podersdorf

Since the organization of the famous Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf, Austria decided to run the competition with a fleet of 32 riders only, but the interest to participate in the event was way higher amongst the riders of Europe and beyond, we had to ge...

Preview: EFPT at Podersdorf

Being the organiser of the famous Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf for many years now and by being a driving force when it comes to the promotion of freestyle windsurfing, we decided it was time to speak to Gerhard Polak about this year's European Freesty...

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