DAM-X : The EFPT goes to the Netherlands

We are delighted to announce that the EFPT DAM-X event taking place in Brouwersdam, Holland from the 7th through the 11th of October 2015 could be confirmed. The top organisation team around Pieternel Van der Linde and Uwe Jendrusch have been working around the clock to make this happen at the Surf- and Zeilcentrum in Brouwersdam, which is supposed to be one of the best freestyle spots around Europe. After staging an EFPT tow-in comeptition there in 2013 we are more than happy to now run a 10.000 € freestyle event for men, a 3.000 € tow-in event and the first ever ladies EFPT event with 3.000 € prize-money up for grabs. For the first time in the history of the European Freestyle Pro To...
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Milos Beach Lefkada Freestyle Open – Day 4

With high hopes for the thermal wind to one more time spoil the coastline with sailable conditions we started the day with the first possible start at 2.00pm. The sailors were all ready and highly motivated to continue with the double elimination tha...

Milos Beach Lefkada Freestyle Open – Day 3

With a wind forecast that left us with low expectations for the morning, the skippers meeting was once again set for 12.00am. What we learned by now though is that this place is full of surprises when it comes to the weather conditions. Already shor...

Milos Beach Lefkada Freestyle Open – Day 2

After the disappointing news from yesterday when we weren't allowed to send the riders out on the water due to a restriction by the port-police on day 2 everything was looking better from the start: the permit was arranged, the buoy course was set an...

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