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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes


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1. Authorisation to compete, registration, equipment

a. Any Nationality is allowed to start and compete on an EFPT Event. Only Riders with a valid Passport from a European Country are eligible to win the EFPT title.

b. To compete at an event riders first have to register as EFPT riders on efpt.net. Registration for events is possible at any time before 2 weeks before the event online on efpt.net

c. All EFPT registered riders with valid mail addresses will receive an invitation mail 4 weeks before of every event.

d. Pre-Registration ends 2 weeks before of the event.

e. Riders who want to register after the Pre-registration deadline will be charged 150% of the registration fee.

f. All pre-registered riders have to confirm their presence personally or through a representative to the race director until the end of the registration on site. The registration fee has to be paid in cash to the local organiser at the registration on site.

g. Only production equipment by brands in the EFPT sponsor pool may be used at an EFPT event. Equipment by non pool sponsors will not get any coverage by the EFPT media team. All EFPT pool members are displayed on efpt.net.

h. From 2013 on the EFPT will charge a membership fee for every rider who competes. If the rider is supported by brands out of our sponsor pool (sail&board) the membership fee for the whole season will be 50. If the rider is only on a board OR sail of the brands out of the EFPT's sponsor pool, 100 will be charged. A rider who hasn't got any equipment out of the pool will be charged 150. The fee varies with the amount of attended events: is the rider only participates in one event 50% of the amount will be charged. If a sailor is attending all the events of the season the whole amount is due, yet it can be paid in two parts (50-50).

i. Riders on non pool equipment are allowed to compete in their first year on the EFPT. To compete a second year with non pool equipment on the EFPT riders have to acquire a single rider license for 500 before they register for an event.

2. Fleet and seeding

a. The seeding will be done by the EFPT crew on site after the registration at the event.

b. The size of the fleet depends on local conditions and can vary from 24 to 64 riders. A Qualification event is optional. If there is no Qualification, the seeding shall be done by the current EFPT Seeding list.

c. EFPT events will run in a 32 riders ladder

d. The seeding of the sailors at each EFPT event shall be based on their position on the current EFPT seeding list. The end ranking of the previous season will be counted as a 20.000 event and will be kept into the actual seeding list till the end of the current season.

e. The PWA freestyle ranking list will be taken into account only if a sailor wants to start at an EFPT event but does not appear on the current EFPT seeding list or if his actual EFPT seeding does not correspond to his PWA ranking at all.

f. Following schedule has to be used to integrate the PWA rider in the first event:

PWA Ranking _______EFPT Seeding



3-5 ________________1-3

6-8 ________________4-6

9-16_______________ 7-14


g. For example PWA Ranking# 7 corresponds to EFPT seeding# 5.

h. In case that a rider shows a better EFPT seeding than PWA Ranking the EFPT seeding has priority. If a rider does not show EFPT seeding nor PWA ranking points it is up to the local organiser in cooperation with an EFPT official to announce a wild card.

i. After the first EFPT event a PWA rider takes part the result of the event as well as his last years PWA Ranking will be considered for all upcoming of the season. In case that after an event a EFPT Rider shows the same seeding points as a PWA rider the EFPT rider will get the priority in the next seeding.

j. The top 16 riders of the current EFPT ranking list will always be seeded as far as they pre-register for an event.

k. The number of wildcards and places for qualifiers will be announced by the EFPT in collaboration with the local event organiser at least 4 weeks before the event.

3. Competition

a. EFPT events run under the Overall Impression format. In inconstant wind conditions the competition mode can be change to the Best Trick format. A change of format will be announced by the race director on site.

b. Scoring factors Overall Impression (in no particular order)

Diversity | number of different manoeuvres and variations on different tacks

Technical difficulty | difficulty of moves

Style | personal style and execution of the moves

Flow | continuation in which the heat is performed; number of crashes

c. Scoring factors Best Trick (in no particular order)
Diversity | number of different manoeuvres and variations on different tacks

Technical difficulty | difficulty of moves

Style | personal style and execution of the moves

d. The Best Trick format can only by applied on 2-sailors-heats.

e. For both Overall Impression and Best Trick format:

Only planing moves are counted.

Only moves within the heat area, marked by buoys, are counted.

Heat duration and further circumstances will be announced during the skippers meetings at the events.

4. Flag signals

In the attached pdf

5. Conditions

Conditions have to be suitable for the applied competition format.

6. Stickers; Event lycras

Whenever on the water riders have to wear the event lycra and have to have event and EFPT stickers placed visible in their sails.

7. Judges

a. The Judging team has to consist of 6 judges with a minimum of 2 EFPT approved judges at 5.000 price money events and a minimum of 4 EFPT approved judges at 10.000 or higher price money events.

b. The race director always has to be approved by the EFPT.

c. Jury decision are decision based on facts. The head judge may give riders insight into their scoring sheets.

8. Announcements, Daily Schedule

a. The first riders meeting and the registration at the event is announced in the event details online on efpt.net for every single event. During the registration the further schedule for the event will be announced by the race director and displayed on the official event noticeboard.

b. Riders have to be present at public events set either by the EFPT or the event organiser and listed on the official noticeboard. If a rider misses an event he will be charged 50. The EFPT reserves to deduct the penalty fee from the price money of the penalised rider.

9. Prize Money

a. The level of prize money determines the level of points for the overall title.

b. The number of sailors will not be taken into calculation of the factor. If there are more than 3 events in a season, 1 event will be discarded. If there are more than 7 events in the season, 2 events will be discarded.

c. The prize money will be disbursed at the prize giving ceremony, to receive the prize money riders have to be present at the prize giving ceremony of the event.

d. The overall prize money will be disbursed on the final event, to receive the prize money riders have to be present at the final event. If a rider who would receive overall prize money can not be present at the final event on health reasons he has to send a medical certificate to the EFPT and the prize money will be transferred after the event.

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